Our Story

Thai Environmental German Services Co., Ltd originated in 1948 Alzenau – Germany from a company called Burtchen und Sohn which is a family company that specialised in Sewage Cleaning and then later expanded it’s business into Sewer and Industrial Cleaning with a new name of Burtchen Umweltschutz GmbH which is known until present. In 1992 Mr. Fritz Burtchen Jr. and his Thai spouse decided to make the move to Thailand and expand the family business to Asia, with their experience along with one German cleaning specialist.

Upon starting the company TEGS received a BOI and DEG promotion and therfore started importing special cleaning equipments from Germany. TEGS now has high pressure water pumps, equipment up to 37,000 PSI for heat exchanger cleaning, dry/wet suction work with special vacuum trucks and well trained specialists who lead roughly 45+ staff and make sure that the job is always to quality and standard.

We pride ourselves with being one of the top industrial cleaning companies in Thailand and We are certain that we can help you out with any problems that you may meet.