We use specialized high-performance vacuum units to remove wastewater or sludge. Leaving these in systems or industrial plants could result in malfunctioning. Removing liquid or dry matter from a system is crucial for efficient performance, and we do our best to keep your systems in perfect condition.

Wet suction works

Wet wastes include contaminated liquid and other non-condensable wastes from industrial processes. We provide suction and discharge of wet industrial wastes in a cost-effective and efficient way. We mount the necessary soft lips for surface cleaning and deliver professional and thorough wet suction services keeping plants and systems in the best condition. Categories under our wet suction services are sludge and wastewater.


Waste matter from industrial processes and other liquid treatment processes contain suspensions known as sludge. Depending on the industry, these wastes can be useful for several purposes. We remove sludge to ensure everything goes to the right place and is used for the right purpose. Our efficient vacuum equipment is some of the best you will find in the industry. It is particularly suited for cleaning sludge tanks and clearing off the sludge.

Dry Suction Works

Dry vacuum cleaning involves the removal of dust, chip, and solid waste matter from systems. We use a vacuum suction procedure and brush to scrub off the dust and remove dry particles for proper disposal or reuse. Depending on the industry the type of dry waste matter will be different. Our experienced team are versed in dry suction works and exercise the best practices in the execution of their duties.

Fly ash

Fly ash from industrial plants is a waste matter. Following the environmental concerns, fly ash should be captured before it reaches the chimney. We handle cleaning and removal of related mechanical and industrial setup resulting in the release of fly ash.

Hot and cold sand

Sand is a constituent of solid industrial waste, and it has to be put in the right place. Our experts handle the removal of sand or whatever kind and cleaning of parts of plants to prevent breakdown and improve performance. Dedicated filters separate sand particles and powerful pumps suck them up from unwanted places.