High Pressure Water Jetting / Hydroblasting Services in Rayong

With high-pressure water jetting services, we remove the toughest dirt and deposits from boilers, tanks, vessels, heat exchangers, piping, reactors and so much more. We work with pressure up to 2500 bar and 240 liters / minute.

Areas of application for high pressure water jetting technology:

Our technology and experience are used wherever the toughest contaminations must be removed. Chemical plants, Sewage treatment plants, Coal plants, Recycling plants, Power plants, etc.

For almost 30 years, we have been cleaning any kind of equipment in plants under challenging conditions such as in limited space with the use of our breathing protection equipment.

Using the right water pressure, our experts clean your equipment with specially designed nozzles to remove any residues.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Absolute gentle removal of residues, in or on your equipment
  • Realization of optimal work performance through efficient application possibilities
  • Cleaning without the addition of chemicals

We have:

  • Handheld spray guns
  • Flexible lances and rigid lances
  • Surface cleaner
  • Positioning devices for cleaning with tank wash head / 3D Head
  • Rotating nozzles
  • Tank wash head (3D Head)
  • Safety catch devices for all types of lances and hoses

Working with maximum water pressure can be dangerous work!

High and ultra high pressure water jet training for our employees in theory and practice with success control in connection with the inspections of our pumps and high-pressure hoses with test certificates to ensure safe work.

Before carrying out High and ultra high pressure water work, special work permits and risk assessments must be drawn up and company-specific checklists, checked for completeness and compliance.

Clean and efficient

High and ultra high pressure water jetting technology is ideal for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces. In this process, clean water is applied to the surface with a powerful pump (e.g. 450 KW) under high pressure (up to 2500 bar). Even stubborn materials, such as concrete or polymers, are removed without leaving any residue.

Environmentally friendly and without chemicals

With the high and ultra-high pressure water technology, most cleaning jobs can be done without using any kind of chemicals.

Of course, we will decide individually on site in consultation with your team, which is the most suitable method for your application.

Additional High Pressure Jet Cleaning / Hydroblasting Services available in Rayong, include:

  1. Tank/Vessel/Reactor cleaning
  2. Pipe cleaning
  3. Heat Exchanger cleaning
  4. Surface and grating cleaning
  5. Semi-automated heat exchanger cleaning with rotating lance
  6. Concrete hydro demolition